Undress anyone – aesthetically.

The #1 app to see anyone naked. Just pick a photo, define the undress area and create!

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Enter a new age of AI art

Hello, my curious friend. Introducing «Nude AI» - a photo editing app that turns your photos or your friends' photos into true masterpieces of art.

So, what's in the app?

First and foremost is the nude AI technology – now you can undress people in photos. Now you're not just a photographer; you're a fantasy artist! You can experiment with your selfies and the selfies of your buddies. Just make sure to keep it within ethical boundaries.

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The app also features «AI Nude Filters». These filters help enhance your photos to the maximum. Different filters will take your pics to the next level of perfection.

But there's more!

Don't think «Nude AI» is only about colors and undressing. We've got a variety of functionalities. I believe you'll enjoy the full spectrum of our technology. Sure, there's still a lot we haven't finalized, but I think you'll appreciate what we've got.

Image upscaler

If your image is small, increase it's size up to 2K

Lingerie changer

Put the best lingerie sets on your model

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Unleash your creativity

«Nude AI» is truly a creative workshop, with the main goal being entertainment and pleasure. Upload your photo and feel how your snapshots transform from mere fantasy into an approximation of reality.

After all, photography is not just about the moment; it's art in every pixel. So don't hesitate, upload your pics, and let the experimentation begin.

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